Equipment available for rental
(minimums or packages may apply)

Cinema Camera Bodies
RED Helium 8k DSMC 2
RED Epic Dragon 6k DSMC 1
(2) 512GB Mini-SSD
7" RED Touch Screen
4” RED touch Monitor
RED PL-Mount
RED EF-Mount
RED Side Handle

DSLR Camera Bodies
Sony A7III (Sigma mc adapter for canon lens on Sony mount)
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (Metabones convert for canon lens on M4/3 mount)

Lecia  Elmarit         19mm 2.8
Lecia  Summicron  35mm 2.0
Lecia  Summicron  50mm 2.0
Lecia  Summicron  90mm 2.0
Lecia  Elmarit         135mm 2.0
Canon 8-15mm f4 L
Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L
Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L
Canon 2x extender
Canon 10-20mm f3.5
Zeiss 50mm f1.4
Sigma 18-35mm f1.4 art
Tokina 11-16 f2.8
(2) Rokinon 20mm f1.9

(2) ND faders 
Black Hollywood magic 
118 polarizer

Miller Arrow 25
100mm bowl Hi-Hat
Wooden camera shoulder rig
Bright tangerine Misfit Atom clip on matte box
Bright Tangerine Misfit 
Tilta shoulder Rig
Tilta Matte Box
Tilta Follow Focus
Cinegears Wireless Follow Focus
Easy Rig with Serene Arm
Atlas Backpack support
Dana Dolly American grip stands

Wireless Video 
Teradek 500ft transmitter with 2 receivers
CMR 1080p wireless 300ft
Connex 1080p wireless video 1000ft

Small HD 24” 2403 daylight viewable HDR
Small HD 17” 1703 daylight viewable HDR and extended P3 color
Small HD 702 Daylight viewable monitor (2)
Small HD 7" OLED 1920x1080
(2)Zacuto Cratical  EVF
Ikan 17" Monitor with Sunhood 1440x900
Ikan 7" Monitor 1280x800

DJI Inspire 2 X5s camera
Mavic pro 2 

Movi Pro
Movi M15
Movi M5
DJI Ronin-S
Emotimo spectrum s4, automated PT head for motion capture and time-lapse
Jony Jib 18ft crane with 25lb. remote head
Konova 3ft slider
Kessler Cane 3 ft heavy duty slider
Came Steady Cam 10-25lbs.
Dana Dolly camera dolly system

Innovative SL 42 cart
Magliner senior cart
Magliner Junior Cart

(5) Matthews C-Stands
(4) Avenger Light Stands
12x12 Full stop diffusion with frame
8’x8’ Full/half stop diffusion with frame
(4) 48x48 Mathews Black Floppy
18x48 Black Cutter
10x42 black Cutter
48x48 C47 Dp Kit for travel
48x92 scrim jim black floppy
48x48 full stop diffusion
48x48 1 and 1/4 stop diffusion
48x48 black and unbleached muslin
(6) vise clamps ranging from 2" to 9"
(2) Kupo Duck Bill clamps
Various other grip clamps
(10) 20lb sand bag
(2) Aputure 300d LED lights
(3) Wescott Flex Tungsten LED 10"x10"
(3) Wescott Flex Daylight LED 12”x12”
(3) Dracast edge light LED (soft light) 
(2) As Arri 1K Tungsten
(3) Lowel Tota 750 flood

2006 Sprinter Van High Roof (longest wheel base)