With a diverse background  Asa Martinez has been working in production since 2006. As a professional snowboard his skill set was in the film and photo realm of the industry. Working together with profession cinematographers and photographers he found out how to produce high quality video segments with limited resources. In 2009 Asa had an organic idea of flying cameras with rc helicopters. (even though it was/had been don in major productions since the 1980's). With the drive to great great visuals and start flying cameras he dove in to production full time. Having found a new passion Asa attend California State University, Sacramento and graduated with a degree in Digital Media. During his college years he studied cinema, and worked on a plan to fund a production company with the highest in quality gear and cutting edge ideas. Asa had played poker as a side job since turning 21. This supplemented his snowboard career and would fund his new venture in life. Using money he earned from working as a Raft Guide in the Coloma Valley in California he bankrolled a exploration into Aerial Photography with mini RC Helicopters. This was before "Drones" and the where no "off the shelf" solutions. Everything had to be custom build and there was many hours of R&D. Luckily the early adoption paid off with eager opportunities of